• Canon camera bodies: 1Dx, 5D Mark IV, 7D Mark II
  • Canon fixed  lenses: 15mm F2.8 fisheye, 50mm F1.2 L,  85mm F1.2 L II and 300mm F2.8 L II.
  • Canon zoom lenses: 16-35mm F2.8L, 24-70mm F2.8L and 70-200 F2.8L II.
  • Compact location strobes:  Elinchrom ELB Quadra packs.
  • Heavy duty location strobes: Elinchrom Ranger RX packs. 
  • Elinchrom Modifiers : Ring flash, Indirect Octabank,  Beauty Dish,  Magnum Reflector,  Rotalux deep octa , Rotalux stripbank and varistar umbrellas
  • Manfrotto LED panels. Manfrotto lighting cases.  Tether tools by TetherBlock.
  • Backpack and rolling case by Vanguard. Gitzo tripods, ball heads and monopod.  
  • Filters by Formatt Hitech:  Multistop ND, Polarizers, Warm and cool. 
  • Color calibration by Datacolor Spyder 5. 
  • SanDisk memory cards and SSDs                                  
  • Computers by Apple, NEC Displays.
  • Editing software: Adobe Photoshop CC , Lightroom, 
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